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Hxveyyy's Ban Appeal


Your RP Name
>> Hxveyyy

Your SteamID32*
>> STEAM_1:1:118704573

Who banned you?*
>> Pwanda

What is the stated reason?*
>> NITRP >>> Minging

Ban Duration?*
>> 5d

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)

>> I was banned for NITRP after I shocked 3 people first being Kai which me and Kai had been messing around on hawk for a few hours killing each other and general stuff like that so assumed nobody would care second was MilkMan who is my IRL friend and again we have been doing it all day for fun none of us cared about it and third who was Evil Scooby who after I was banned said in discord he called a sit as a joke and didn't actually want me punished as again he didn't care it was just a harmless joke. I dont think i deserved a ban for this or even the warn I got for it as nobody intended for anyone to get punished for anything it was only a harmless joke that nobody took seriously.
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Just one thing, it was your overall behaviour tonight not just the hsa.


He got a warn for HSA and banned for it?
I'm prolly wrong but ?

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Well I got HSA and I thought you were going to rda me for no reason. I said I don't care in the discord because one HSA is a verbal. I just wanted a member of staff to tell you that next time will be a warn. Also you were doing that shoot me in the foot thing and then arresting people.


As an example just to get everyone thinking, if two friends are having fun on hawk by abiding by the rules, they wont be getting in trouble - like 90% of the players normally do.
If two friends are having fun by ignoring the rules & having constant deathmatches, they would be banned... yes?

Throughout this evening your behaviour wasn't acceptable.
You were baiting people by advertising `shoot me in the foot once` then either killing them or arresting them, though none reported it I'm sure most were very annoyed and must've thought it was OK as you have five weeks playtime. After being kicked you started taking the mick out of my reasoning for kicking you, I don't owe you a detailed explanation anyway.
Once Scooby reported you for HSA I had enough of you breaking the rules and it was clear you had no intent to roleplay, having fun by continuously breaking rules isn't what dark rp is about; If you want to have fun with your friends feel free make a sandbox game or go on another server.

From your behaviour I don't want you unbanned, I'd rather you spend the next 5 days to think about tonight and reflect on it for the future.


u realise if people cared about any of this I would of been banned by Kai way earlier however Kai understands that hawk is not real life and is not that deep sure i shocked a few people one being Kai who if he cared would of punished me himself also the people I "baited" did not care they both laughed about it and one of them was with me for an hour just chilling out because he didn't care and didn't cry about it and understood it was a joke and it was funny
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Harvey, what the fuck is that paragraph?
Nobody, not even you, can read that in one breath out loud.


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