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Scamming Is Allowed?!?!

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If I'm not mistaken, you're allowed to sell/buy dupes off people but not actually give them the dupe.
On the 14/04/2019 I called a sit for a member of staff to oversee a trade to ensure that neither party's would get scammed,
however, the Community Manager Kai, took my sit and told me that "it's not our business" and that "it's your responsibility and we won't do anything if you get scammed"
Source(s) https://streamable.com/sao09

Anyways, I made this post to say that this is bullshit and there should be a rule in place to punish scammers.
If someone has sufficient evidence to back up that they've been scammed, they should be refunded and the scammer should be punished.


your business, your deal, your risk. staff members shouldn't bother and chase people for scamming.

if you get scammed, you'll know to avoid dealing with the person again and to approach with different methods in trading
if you scam a lot, no one will trade with you.


Basically you accepted a player deal, so you and another player were meant to do a trade (certain amount of money for a dupe.) Since this wasn't an intended feature of the Hawk servers Dark-RP server, the admins were not in any position to interfere or refund you. A different situation would be if a gun dealer was demanding money for guns, but once recieving the money he would deny his patrons the guns that they paid for. The Staff would treat this differently. So in the grand scheme of things, it was your fault, but you can learn fron that mistake and never trade with him again.


You may scam, as a criminal job In a RP Way but you may not scam being a gun dealer, that could result in a warn. But when you buy base dupes ect, it’s your business your risk, it rarely happens but it’s your risk your willing to take.
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