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Warn appeal

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Your RP Name
>> Perplex

Your SteamID32*

Who warned you?*
>> Psychopathic fox

What is the stated reason?*
>> Ardm

Why should we remove the warn?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> I was  a Swat member,  having a takeover on 4 opium miners, so I went and started arresting/Shooting
them. What i didn't know (Because it isn't in the rule book) is that u have to advert raid, even though it was on a street.
I feel that it was harsh giving a warn considering Its not even in the rule book. How am i meant to know of the rule ?!


there were props in the base meaning it classes as a base and that says you need to raid
I lied that one time lol


Rule 12 of raiding rules says that in order to destroy opium and other illegal products you must be in a raid, it says nothing about them being on the streets and having to raid. A few people only just found out last night about this, couldn't a verbal do or was it too serious in your eyes?

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(15-04-2019, 03:45 PM)Perplex Wrote: I feel that it was harsh giving a warn considering Its not even in the rule book. How am i meant to know of the rule ?!

it is in the rules, you just simply thought that it does not apply to you because you're a cop
people can choose to produce whatever like that without a proper building, that's their problem, they'll get raided pretty easily.

however, if a cop sees a printer in the streets, they rush to destroy it. everyone has that habit nowadays, which leads me to state the rule does not apply to government as they're simply doing their job without having to breach.

when you're raiding, you're raiding someone, you're raiding their stuff. just because a base is not present and the words "raid a base" do not connect to the situation does not mean you don't have to /raid. a lot of people use that logic in the past 2 days and it's just too stupid for me to correct

noun: raid; plural noun: raids

    a sudden attack on an enemy by troops, aircraft, or other armed forces in warfare.
    "a bombing raid"

    "the raid on Dieppe"
        a surprise attack to commit a crime, especially to steal from business premises.
        "an early morning raid on a bank"
        synonyms:    robbery, burglary, holdup, break-in; More
        mugging, robbing, pillaging, looting, plunder, plundering, ransacking, sack, sacking, marauding;
        informalsnatch, smash-and-grab;

        informalheist, stickup
        "clothing worth £40,000 has been stolen in a raid on a shop in Bond Street"
        a surprise visit by police to arrest suspected people or seize illicit goods.
        synonyms:    swoop, surprise search;

12 - Destroying other players' products, items and props is considered raiding. However, SWAT & Police may destroy illegals without having to start a raid (unless it's protected in a base).

the warn will be removed as it's not clear enough for people yet

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