Hawk Servers

My Application


In-Game Name
>> ynw

Preferred Name
>> ynw 
Current In-Game Rank (User, Trusted, Supporter or premium)
>> Premium

Date of Birth
>> 19/03/2005

>> 14

>> Male

>> United Kingdom

>> GMT (London Time)

Total Playtime (screenshot if possible)
>> 1 week  (And growing..)

Total Warnings (screenshot if possible)
>> 7. 2 were incorrect so basicly 5 

Have you been banned before?
>> 1 time i belive

Are you active on the Website? (yes / no)
>> Yes

What is your Discord Username?
>> cant remember as i have had my discord hacked trying to sort it with discord i will update as soon as i know i 
What is your server score? (do t!rank in bots channel)

>>Same As Before Got Hacked

Do you have any relatives on the server? (yes / no - if yes, state their usernames)
>> None at all.

Do you know how to use ULX? (yes / no)
>> Yes. 

!goto (playername)
!ban (playername)
!bring (playername)
!freeze (playername)
!ban (name) (amount) (reasoning)
!kick (playername) (reasoning)
!warn (playername) (reasoning)

And many more i have been learning! Im open to learn loads more and help out as much as possible.

How often can you moderate the server?
>> More than 3+ hours a day but will more than likely be longer.

How many sits can you do within a day?
>> As many as humanly possible, i tend to stay up over night till early mornings so i can patrol night times and morning.

Describe your personality and hobbies
>> I am a fun, out going guy who is always open to suggestions, i like to talk and work in a team and help out when needed, im not afraid to ask for help either when needed. Ive never been an admin before but it will teach me a lot and help me learn to become better. I try to be as humanly possible as i can, but when a ban is needed a ban is needed! I can work well by myself and i like to be independent.

My hobbies on the other hand are gaming of course. But i also love riding my bicyclye, i ride it everywhere (that is until it broke recently so i walk now xD). I use to play Xbox One but recently changed to Garrys Mod and this server, because its that fun. Im also really in love with motorcycles and i currently own a Mini Quad and a Mini Moto but would love a big boy bike. But yeah, i don't have many hobbies i dont have many friends so dont really leave my house, hence why i really like Hawk Servers cause everyone friendly!

Why should we hire you as a Staff Member, what are your objectives? (minimum 1 paragraph)
>> I feel as if i can show you that im a good member and i will show my dedication into becoming one, im always active and willing to help and learn new things everyday, also i feel as if i can make a bunch of friends and help clean the server up of people who do NOT belong there. I feel as if i could make a difference helping new people and long term people but mainly new ones, if they need help ill be there! I have knowledge of rules from watching videos and also admins use them. If people don't understand what they're breaking i will re-locate them to the !rules and helping them out as much as possible. A new pair of hands are a good pair, so i think you should hire me [Image: smile.png]


Explain the term 'RDM' and give an example of it
>> Random Death Match:

Random death match is where someone kills someone out of the blue for no reason what so ever, heres an example:

John walks up to John2 and shoots John2 in the head, John2 has done nothing wrong so calls an admin, an admin will !bring John and give him a warning and tell him not to do it again and to look over the rules @ !rules

Explain the term 'Breaking NLR' and give an example of it
>> New Life Rule:

New Life Rule is where when you die you return to the same spot within the cooling period (three minutes), which can be found on !rules or on HawkServers.co, or even ask an Admin. Anyway, i know many people dont really understand this one as myself didnt the first time, so i will be sure to tell people how to not break NLR.

Explain the term 'FailRP' and give an example of it
>> FailRP:

FailRP is where someone decides they want to do everything but what rules state, a prime example of this would be that John puts a prop against a door, blocking it. But he doesn't use fading doors, this is called prop blocking. This is NOT ok! But there are plenty ways of FailRP and all can be found in rules or on the website.

Explain the term 'Trolling' and give an example of it
>> Trolling is where people don't want to do anything but annoy a player, such as John is a DJ and decides to place a radio in someones base and play Ear Rape, this would be known as Trolling, which is also again not ok.

There are 4 pending sits on your screen, what do you do?
>> I would get to them all asap and i would put out a /advert stating that i will be doing them one by one and please be patient.

James connected to the server, changed to police and started randomly arresting everyone on sight, what do you do?
>> I would freeze him then bring James to a sit. If James only RDA a few people i would allow him to carry on with a warning and tell him to read over the rules, but if James has RDA a bunch of people i would have to ask higher ups to ban him for a period of time.

Katie killed tasid because tasid killed a tramp for attempting to kill him, what do you do?
>> So, Katie should of put /counter to be aloud to kill Tasid for killing the tramp, but since she has not done such thing she would be warned and let on her way, if the tramp had damaged Tasid then Tasid is in the right and would not receive a warning! Also the tramp would receive a warning for RDM against Tasid and they would all be aloud on there way.

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Seems to know ulx's

Been banned
Haven't seen in game a lot

Overall, im gonna give you a +/-Rep. Good Luck.

-Evil Scooby

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Lots of detail
Seems to know basic ULX
Seems mature

Not seen in game
Can't moderate for very long
Got a few of the questions wrong such as,
("So, Katie should of put /counter to be aloud to kill Tasid" This would only apply if they basing or in the same clan)

Overall +/-rep from me
I haven't seen in game before but that doesn't mean your inactive
good luck mate (Just a stupid sidenote but this server doesn't have radios)


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Good amount of playtime
Knows ulx

Inactive on the forums
How I'm I supossed to know if you are even in hawk's discord if you have been hacked?
You don't give an example of nlr

It's gonna have to be a -rep from me.
Green is a nice color


(17-04-2019, 04:17 AM)Souxzdo Wrote: +reps
Good amount of playtime
Knows ulxi 

Inactive on the forums
How I'm I supossed to know if you are even in hawk's discord if you have been hacked?
You don't give an example of nlr

It's gonna have to be a -rep from me.i can create a
i can create a new discord and join the server again also i belive i did give a example of nlr



You do not meet the requirements. Join the discord first get active on all platforms and then you may apply.

(And looking on your old apps I can see you have mistaken server rank with server exp and exp is the stat you need to attain https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/3...2/rank.png)
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Without +reps I'll go insane soon     GIVE +REP

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