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3 Glitches that need to be fixed

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1.When you are the Naughty Baby Role and sit down this is how your model looks xD

Image: https://imgur.com/SyPEu7C

2.Not being able to open doors while climbing on the ladder this makes it hard to get back up into the streets of downtown. However there is away to open them when you are on the ladder which includes killing yourself or taking 50+ fall damage 

Video: https://youtu.be/rxetqzZcPFU

3.And the third glitch is not that important but is very annoying when a player uses this. The shutter that come down when you put the PD in lockdown you can own these and lock them so they do not close and open

Image: (Dont have one Kia has been notified and i think they are working on it)

Thanks hope these gets fixed!


theres no way to fix this my man, its just how the playermodel is rigged!
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(30-04-2019, 06:00 PM)Alta Wrote: theres no way to fix this my man, its just how the 
[quote pid='55489' dateline='1556647201']
playermodseel is rigged!


1. yep! the source engine uses 1 bone structure type (valve.biped) so there is no way to change this

2. idk if theres a way to fix this... butttt i could be wrong

3. and yeah thats an easy fix. just make it so they're not ownable doors
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1. babies are scaled so their hitbox is bigger

2. can't really do anything as it's the game engine

3. already checked and you can't own them

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