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Who Ready For GCSEs?


(15-05-2019, 10:34 PM)Evil Scooby Wrote:
(15-05-2019, 07:02 PM)CatOnWeirdStuff#2574 Wrote: I am from Serbia. We don't have GCSEs here. We have a big test in elementary school which gives us points to join a high school.
Points are taken from School grades (5th-8th grade), and the test. We don't have an English name for it though.
And our school grades are different. Elementary school is 1st-8th grade
The high school has 4 years.
The college has 2-4 years.
You leave school here at about 20-23 years of age.
Good luck anyways guys!

FUCK. 20-23 years of age that must be hard!

I hope it won't be way too hard :/.
I'm probably going to go to law school, for a lawyer Smile.
One of the reasons why I'm gonna apply for staff soon Wink
Meme master Cat


How did it go?
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