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Remove some Sliders from black listing

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Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)
>> Gundealers

What is your main suggestion(provide links if possible)
>> Removing some sliders from the black list to make building interesting gunshops easier.

How would your suggestion improve the server?
>> I feel that it would improve by allowing you to use 2 props (The slider and basket to catch the money), instead of having to use 5 props to make your own.
With the prop limit being decent but still easily reached when making bases with some interesting design or a thought out design, the money chute for those that decide to make only already has you "wasting" 3 props to make it function.

This does not mean to have the longest sliders allowed, but at least up to the 10x10x96 (Think that was the 5th on the list)



yes please do!! unless theres a way to exploit it keep it blacklisted. but it would be allot easier for gun dealers, i would actually become one more often if this gets changed. REP +
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Most people don't know this but if you search for "cannon" in the search list; a pipe will pop up which you can use. It's difficult to work with, though because it isn't square.
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Like above it would be so much more easier.


Would be much easier as it would only take 1 prop and not 5 like you said.


Although rules should be created listing the use of sliders in bases as something, forbidding their use where defenses are concerned.
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define slider??

any specific model?

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As the video shows the "Sliders" should show under: solid steel.
And the game just calls them slider for some reason, no idea what for.
The ones to try out first for length would be: Slider_12x12x24, Slider_12x12x48, Slider_12x12x96

I can do a test tomorrow ro see which ones one those would be too short and too long.


This is really innovative, and I, as an experienced gun dealer, had issues with how many props I used for this, and sometimes had to exceed the limit to build the rest.
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