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NLR warn

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Your RP Name
>> Bambino

Your SteamID32*
>> STEAM_0:0:191183612

Who warned you?*
>> Panda

What is the stated reason?*
>> NLR

Why should we remove the warn?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>> So I had made a minigame thing at the beach where you have to get people to go onto a platform and you have to try and get them to fall off, I was killed as a hit and when I respawned I walked past to go to the island as I walked past I opened the door and let doggie up, I continued walking and then notice in the staff chat panda asking me why I walked past where i was just killed I said [Staff Chat] Bambino > I was letting doggie up then leaving, panda then after a few more messages brings me to a sit box (No sit was called and no one complained, I interfeared with no ones rp) and says he is going to warn me I say in voice chat that he cannot warn me as no sit was called, no one complained and that I was simply just walking past and letting doggie up, he then warns me and returns me. The reason I am appealing is I find up unfair that panda took unnecessary action and warned me when,
(EDIT: This would be panda taking his own sit, and I would have only stopped moving for a max of 2 seconds)
(EDIT EDIT: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/5...nknown.png)
(EDIT EDIT EDIT:https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/559426187139612693/581858872504090651/unknown.png)
1. No sit was called
2. No one complained or even said anything about it
3. I simply walked past and interfeared with no ones roleplay
4. There was other staff that could have done a sit if one was made

--- https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/5...nknown.png ---
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Not here to be on a side, but staff members should take action if there is a rule being broken, even if no sit was called. Like, you don't just let a guy MHSA and do nothing because "no one complained nor made a sit"
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I do realise but is NLR from a hit really even that bad? and also panda refuses to tell me the reason he was spectating the guy, seems a bit fishy to me.
and even if would you take action if you saw someone walking past the place they died even if they didnt stay?
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1. I was spectating the hitman that killed you (for a reason that doesn't concern you although I will share with admins+), I witness you breaking NLR to continue your deal with Doggie which I believe was him paying you to go up on your minigame. After I questioned you about it, you ran away trying to act like you were just running past (from my POV that's what it looked like).

2.I said something about it & so did Luxinare...

3. Apart from letting Doggie up to your minigame & if I didn't catch you out you likely would've continued your minigame...

4. If I witness someone breaking a rule the chances of me making a sit for someone who has less understanding of what happened are very slim, I knew the entire story which others may have found difficult to understand.

I warned you for NLR as you did immediately return to where you died to let Doggie up, which you wanted to do before you died. You as a staff member should know to wait 3 minutes before continuing your roleplay.


1. I would like to say I did not run away from you as you wearnt there you were spectating the guy,

2. It didn't effect your roleplay as you were not roleplaying as you were on duty so was luxinare i think but not to sure. Also you nor luxinare complained you asked, you said "did you go back to where you just died?" and I said i was walking past

3. I wouldn't have carried on the minigame i simply let him up cause he asked (There was no prior agrement)

4. You say you knew they entire story when you admit you didn't "(from my POV that's what it looked like)." and "you likely would've continued your minigame..." thats not knowing is it.

I did not continue my roleplay as there was no previous agreement to let him up, I walked strait past and did not stop (other to let doggie in, would have taken less the 2secs). If you had no staff powers you would have been forced to explain, in my opinion this shows you were to lazy to explain and either way you didn't let me explain before returning and warning.
Remora - "and it should always be okay to "take your own sit" if you don't jail/kick/ban/warn, since a verbal is usually all it takes, when done right"
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1. A sit doesn't need to be called. If someone breaks the rules and you see it you may punish. For example if someone MRDM and no-one makes a sit he cant be punished?

2. No-one called a sit because noone realised you had broke nlr.

3. I was there, you stopped to let doggie up into your minigame then ran past.

4. He seen you break nlr so he brought you to a sit - which is required, to ask for your side.

You broke nlr and panda didnt take his sit. He was simply spectating the hitman who rdmmed twice.


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