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as many know the links in spoun are broken / do not work
 it would be useful if you repair it because then new players can discord 
and take them to the wepside where they can participate in the community Idea


Seems like Tasid is on a long ass break doing exams apparently including everyone else on the Developer team and that, this will be Repaired however in a long time yet. This is the reason i left hawk, for now.

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I think that people can not participate in the community all the time that they are not easily tempted to stay.


(06-06-2019, 09:58 PM)Georges Alt Wrote: Developer team

WHO ???????
[Image: UsWPhQ9.png]


At this time there isn't a developer team - Only Tasid.

As for the spawn links not working, that will be sorted soon - when Tasid comes back from his school exams.

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