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Neeuiew jops


Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)

What is your main suggestion(provide links if possible)
>>the ficher mane wil be nice foor rp reasons 

How would your suggestion improve the server?
>>it Wil Bea beter foor rp and foor the surver investment 


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When fishing first came out it was dogshit, no one touched it, then it became OP and full capitalisation went ahead with full water bases designed to get the best timing for fishing and getting the most $$$. There were at least 10 bases on the little pond at any given time. Then tasid nerfed it to shit, and you only fished if you got bored. I guess he couldn't find a balance so just got rid of it.
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How would your suggestion improve the server?
>>it Wil Bea beter foor rp and foor the surver investment

How would it though, can you explain more please.

I was not here when fishing was but tbh what is the point of it, maybe be fun idk but I would say fishing is quite boring in my opinion. Also if fishing gets added lets say, what will happen with the underwater base rules?
Do I know you?

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Base rules wil not change if you go fishing in real life you don't take you're hous whit you so I musd by like farming but whit fish

It Wil not chanch the rules of the surver

Maby it wil by mor of a rp jope just foor the real rpers
Bikas nouwe the most jops AR onlie to make money and grande
It Wil by nice if ther is moor rp in the surver
Pursenely I like to rp the money is foor my not the Mayne faktor so I woude like this jop

I Pursenely don't tink every jop is ther to make mony somtimes it is just fun if you don't tink aboude the mony and just rp

Houwe mutche wil by the selery 150€
Wepuns no
Can not raid or mug
Skine same as citesun
Coler in chat bark blou

If moor info nead it I wil gif


I do agree Hawk needs some more fun jobs,if i had the rules, the salary wouls be 300,no gun bigger than a pistol,but permo are allowed and you are allowed to use a knife.I would not have the same player model as the citizen because people may get confused and why have the citizen player model.
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I nowe a nice ficher mane skin popay
It Wil by nice bikas it is like a meme so more people will be jusing it and it loeks Funy


why not


+rep amazing suggestion
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