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New warning system


When I warn people to put a weapon away they put it away and 4 or 5 seconds later they pull it back out again. I have to start warning them again. Panda responded to this saying this. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/5...nknown.png . Yeah that solves the situation but they shouldn't do this in the 1st place I think a way to fix this would to be:

Only warn someone once and if they don't put the weapon away withing 10 seconds they are aos/kos also,
If they put the weapon away and pull it back out during those 10 seconds they are also aos/kos.

I don't think many will like this suggestion but just incase I feel this could be a better way to warn people and stop them "abusing" the current warning system. +rep or -rep.

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I give this a plus rep because its so annoying when you warn someone after you warn them they will put it away and then soon as you stop following them they will pull it out again. There needs to be a solution to fix this.

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