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Gangs / Clans Rules & Guidelines

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Hawk Servers Gangs / Clans
All clan owners (preferably members too) on the server must read this thread!


Gangs / Clans are a massive part of roleplay in our server. Clans are groups of players who wish to work together as a team and make themselves a name on the server while also competing against other clans. Making a clan is very simple and does not require any guidance, however, there are limits and restrictions that you need to keep in mind when starting one.

Please do not post irrelevant stuff on clan threads. "your clan sux" and more can be classified as post farming, which might result in a forum punishment.


>> You can only have a maximum of 12 players consisting in a gang / clan.
>> Clans are not allowed to be advertised through Hawk Servers forums, Discord or server.
>> Gang / Clan names shall not include any racism or indicate any sort of political parties and or viewpoints.
>> Gangs / Clans who are taking advantage of staff will be restricted from the server.
>> Gang / Clan alliances are not allowed on the server; this is to prevent people abusing it by getting their friends to make another clan and becoming allies.
>> You cannot commit any crimes against your clan members / properties (mug, kidnap, raid) - this is considered FailRP.

If you're disbanding your clan, you can inform a Higher Up to close your clan thread to avoid any confusion.

Good luck and have fun!


Updated; this thread is now up to date.

- New Disbanded Clans section.
- New rules.

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