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I believe there should be some sort of requirements to make a clan. it seems that clans are popping out of nowhere and there seem to be way too many to have or at least be legitimate . atleast put some restriction on making a clan so people can just make one out of the blue.   what do you all think?


Yeh like there should only be OG clans i think


I am fairly neutral for this mainly because ut wont affect my clan TKS (Yes it is OG dw bout it)

anyways, this can be a problem and helpful so here is a list of pros and cons:

-Clans cant just pop up
-Makes the server less divided
-Less "OP clans"

-People make clans to play with friends and feel like a collective
-Clans have always been a part of hawk servers so stopping that is difficult
-Requirements would be very strange and there is much you could require to make a clan

So overall I think the clan system should change but not put "requirements" or "restrictions" on it
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I think that you are right and that there should be a limit of clans that can be on the server because now there are about 15 clans that I know of. I think we should just keep the ikd ones and stop making lots of new clans.



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