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A few suggestions


1.The raid plugin is currently broken; the raid automatically ends when you're still in the base and it is starting to become a big problem. Can it be fixed?
2. A gang/clans plugin, there are quite a few out there (some free some not) 


1 -> There is a raid timer, it lasts for a certain amount of time and then it ends. It is not broken.
2 -> The gangs addon is broken at the moment and there is nothing we can do.
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The gang npc is currently being recoded/fixed Smile
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Raid timer. Thats why it ends automatically.

Gang NPC is being recoded.
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The raid timer doesn't seem long enough though


The raid timer is set to 8 minutes - It automatically ends after that.
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1. Already done.
2. Already accepted on a different thread, closed.

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