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Raiding being underpowered

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Here me out on this one. People have cameras outside their bases and is not allowed to prop block cameras so make the /raid command not showing in the chat cause every time I see a raid in chat and I am outside my base I just check the camera and I feel I takes away the rp from the game to not know when you are getting raided and when you are not

Or make it so you are not able to see the camera if you are not near it


Not having the raid in chat would be abused in so many ways. The camera exists for that soul purpose.
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I am not suggesting to not have to do the /raid command but to not show it like a advert plus that if you want to leave your base should have a type of risk


That's literally what I'm talking about. This is a thread that is unneeded.
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How is unneeded and how would be abused when you still have to wait between raids


And if it wasnt in chat how would we know if it was a raid, unneeded thread.
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Cause from logs make is like you have to type the raid and the name of the person in the door. Logs should be able to tell if it was legit


This is such a dumb idea, raid is in chat for a reason
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Yes if has his reason but I feel it takes some from the rp in game like you would call the person who you are going to be stealing from irl telling them that I will raid you


what if the door has 2 people on it and the props were placed by 1 person and you type the other guys name in
+rep or mum gaeĀ 

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