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Fox Fam clan application template and requirements


What's your in-game name?
>>ItzBlaze (it's been changed a lot)

What is your preferred name?

What is your discord name?

What is your date of birth?

How old are you?

Are you staff on hawk? (If yes then state your rank.)
>>No i'm grinding for staff though.

If you were to join what would be your self-assigned role?
>>Mostly raider but when i need money i'm more of a defender like doind opium and looking after printers.

How long do you spend on the server?
>>Minimum 3 hours,  school days can range for  3-6 weekends all day basically.

How many warns do you have? (screenshot if none is said)
>>3 warns if you need a screenshot let me know, i didn't think i needed it since it said screenshot if none is said.

What's your playtime (screenshot if possible)
Grinding for one week.
Why would you like to join the FF?
>>I really want to join FF as i have seen it has a lot of active and friendly members and i want to be apart of a community like that. Where we can all grind together. I prefer to play with people instead of alone as i find it easier and much more fun. I've seen this is a great clan and have encountered many members and they're all nice people.

What is your discord name and tag?

What is your hawk server score?
>>1912 i'm active on discord i just got onto it like 3 days ago. I have been on Hawk for a while though.


sorry to say but the FF has closed down (hopefully going to make a new clan)
I lied that one time lol

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