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James Warbi's Ban appeal


Your RP Name
>>James Warbi

Your SteamID*

Who banned you?*

What is the stated reason?*
>>Lying to staff, MRDM, MARDM, Trimming evidence and trying to make others responsible.

Ban Duration?*
>>2 weeks

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>>It really wasn't my fault, everyone was killing me in the spawn and trapping me in tubes and naming the tubes things like Retard Area. Also they were spawn killing me so I shot someone who was knifing me and everyone started shouting RDM RDM RDM RDM. Also they kept on shooting in the spawn area (I admit I did a bit as well) Also when it says Trimming evidence, the admin told me to trim the video so that i could upload the video. I didn't try to make others responsible because I admitted to everything and they admitted to everything and in the end we were all friends.

INFORMATION : This banappeal has not been written by HardBreaker, it was completly made any written by James warbi.
Your Sincerely,

(This post was last modified: 01-02-2019, 02:06 PM by ILLUSIONS.)

I have all evidence needed to prove you number 1, that you mass rdm/ardm 2, you even tried cutting out the proof of you killing us in spawn in you "evidence. You had the whole server population against you and you knew that. here is some proof :


OK so, even though I created the post, I was still the Punisher for James.

So I came online today getting a report by Hezan telling me that James was mass minging (RDM, ARDM, etc.) Teleported them to a sit, brought James, and he sent me some evidence, this evidence only shows him being trapped in a tube (I warned the person for that) but it doesn't show him getting rdmed or something. I told him to trim the video because it was 19 minutes long and it took over an hour to upload.

After reviewing the evidence I talked to hezan, and he redirected me to illusions, which gave me the evidence Linked up there ^.

The evidence was in total 1 minute long and gave me enough evidence (Him Rdming 1 guy and shooting a bunch others) for me to reopen the sit, I checked logs saw that James shoot a lot of people with a see able reason, I talked to both Illusions and hezan and came to the conclusion that James is guilty. He was rdming, he was ARDMing, he was lying to me, telling me he never shot anybody nor did he do anything wrong.

Him saying he admitted everything is completly wrong, most of the stuff Hezan told me James just replied with “LIES!”

I got more names of people who were also part of that conflict which I will contact and edit my post after I have new information.

From my opinion I have done everything right, by me saying trim the video I didn't mean trimming it from 19 minutes to 3 minutes.
Illusions evidence was total 1 minute, showing them (Illusions and others) doing bad stuff, but also showing you Rdming and ARDMing people. Also, you shot him for no reason infront of pd which is also completly wrong.

From my point : Should be denied.

HardBreaker out.
Your Sincerely,


OK, 1st of all that is absolutely nothing compared to what they were doing to me they were spawn killing me every single second and shooting me all the time, also shooting in spawn. 2nd the one of me when I shot someone, I warned him to get out of the way and then shot him because he wouldn't move, and the one of him by the window getting shot was a total missclick and I did not mean to harm him in any way, also i clearly stated in the chat multiple times after I accidentally shot him it was a missclick and I'm sorry but as you can see he trimmed the video so you didn't see that and you also can't see it because he doesn't have his chat turned on.


OK James if you want upload the whole footage somewhere and send me the link, although you never told me anything about spawn killing, you always just mentioned the Tube blocking thing. You never said something about misclicks, people blocking you, or something else. All of that information would be useful, but you never told me. so next time please tell me the whole story.
Your Sincerely,


This whole situation is a pile of rubbish and every single Higher Up except for me, avoided it as it is mildly confusing.

For a start the whole server ganged up on him and blocked him in the corner, and when he starts firing they scream RDM?? Yellow rushes back at him while screaming faggot and being incredibly ignorant which honestly only made me speechless.

Why was James banned for MRDM exactly? for shooting people who body-blocked him and accidentally misfired at a window he wanted to open? were there any charges pressed at the others? No.

I'll unban you immediately, I apologize for the inconvenience and will look through this.

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