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MrGreen's re-apllication


So first thing all of u that said -rep for grammar sorry for that i am not from England/America. Sorry for that i cant speak english like god because i am from CZE (Czech republic). All those who hate me for using "U" instead of you or using "ppl" instead of people. I use it so i dont get that wrong too.
Second thing sorry panda for that i want to be active on forums if u think i am just post farming you can think that how u want but i am not post farming.I am just looking arround the forums and i check every post so i can see whats happening.

If this got denied like is going to be denied after all the -reps I am going to work on those things you all think i have to improve
+REP or i will hack your fortnite account
OwO      BRUH     OwO



+seen in-game
+never had problems with you
+no bans
+knows ULX


-spelling off
-grammar is off in places
-high warns
-low posts
-failRP is wrong
-use of "u" it's you and you should know that

overall a -rep from me
I lied that one time lol



Too many -reps.

Re-apply in 3 days.

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