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Jake still owns KZ so i guess RIP in chat

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still gonna use KZ in my name tho Tongue


BG's better tho
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Lmao jake is gonna have a hissy fit over this
he dont like people remaking kz
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Rex you're a sound guy, feel free to use the name <3

Ps those rank names are wank

~ Jake
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Well thats eh i was exited for a bit of drama maybe but eh that works too

Well if jake dosnt want it then ill apply was kind of expecting him to kick of like usuall but guess he isnt this time

RP name: BMOwO
Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ClosetfurryOwO/
Previous clans: Kz,Omega,Kz again,and then i jumped from clan to clan till i just gave up

Ive been in Kz since i started hawk all that time ago i was Kz Hulkclad dont remember where i was on the ranks but i know i wasnt at the bottom. I can make bases for Kz or i can probally find the Og discord somewhere if i look hard nuf if you dont want me then fair but id like to be back in Kz for the 3rd time now
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(10-02-2019, 11:35 PM)✘ Jake ✘ Wrote: Rex you're a sound guy, feel free to use the name <3

Ps those rank names are wank

~ Jake

I feel really privileged lmao. Yeah I'm not exactly sure what my exact plans are yet but I just want to atleast have the name and then hopefully manage to build it all up. My discord is Rex#0001, I also added you so we can talk.


BMO im still using the name im just not active so if he wants to use it i guess he can idm, and ive known BMO for years and years hes been in KZ from near the start and only left when tennis stole it. Hes a solid (mildly obese) guy.
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What am I dad <3
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i am in clan now yes egg


KZ Lil Skies will stay in our mind forever
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I mean you wasn't there from start to finish but ok xD

This isn't star wars RP btw, aint no empires
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