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Possible hover board abuse



I was raiding this base and see josh come back and use his hover board at the roob of the tunnel to his base. Not sure if it was purposeful and he saw me so he killed himself or if it was accidental.


Looks like he knew what he was doing. To me that looks like a clear case of hoverboard abuse.


Yh I didn't want to post as I wouldn't like him to be falsly punished but it looks obvious and i was recommended to post here just incase it was


I’m fairly certain that it was not hover board abuse. When you use the hover board underneath the tunnel like that (I have a base exactly like that) you get instantly flung off and upwards into the props, causing that to happen. I feel considering the fact he did not do anything after this, it was most likely a miss understanding from your part.


Though it can come off as malicious and I hope Josh won't do that again, even if it was an accident or not.

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