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Hawk Servers Staff Handbook
This must be read by ALL staff members and people who wish to apply!


The Hawk Servers Staff Handbook was developed in order to ensure staff are kept in a professional standard. It is required for all staff to ensure they have read and understood the rules and restrictions set forth.


Welcome to the Hawk Servers Staff Team. As a staff member, you are expected to be professional and a decent level of maturity is expected. You will be decided a promotion / demotion once you've met the requirements for the next rank (scroll down to see requirements) -- a mentor should be assigned shortly to keep you on track whilst being a Recruit. Trust is also very important within the staff team. If we feel that you are up to some shady business, you risk a demotion!

We hope you enjoy your time as a member of staff and we thank you for the support!

We recommend using the binds -- bind v "ulx noclip"; bind b "ulx return @"; bind n "say /admin [password]"
            + V to toggle noclip on and off.
            + B to return someone who was previously brought.
            + N to go on and off duty, fill in the [password] without the brackets!


All staff are expected to be active on the server. If we notice that you are not dedicated to your role or are failing to take sits - you may be demoted. Staff are recommended to come on the server as much as possible and help out, however, being inactive will result in a demotion.

If you are sick or going on holiday or need whatever reason to go on a break, click here -- you must make a break thread!


- Not following the rules will result in punishments, and not knowing the rules will not exempt you from the punishments.
- Getting punished for breaking the server rules puts you at risk of a demotion.
- You cannot take your own sits, if there are no other staff members online, report a player in the Report A Player section.
- You may not take sits of anyone who's within the same clan as you, is a  base participant or is in your Discord call - nor interfere in any sit that involve said groups.
- There must be a sit before a punishment is issued! (ban / warn / jail etc...)
     This does not include:
            + MRDM / MRDA
            + Shocker Abuse / Stun Stick Abuse
            + Mic Spam / Ear Rape
- You must go on duty when required.
- We recommend doing sits in the sit boxes.
- You cannot let anyone in the sit decide whether if a punishment will be issued or not - it is your conclusion and decision as the staff member though you do not need to issue a punishment if both sides agree it was a misunderstanding for example.
- If a staff member is failing to follow the handbook, please advise them to do so or report them.
- You may print in the admin area but you must be actively on duty (it is strictly forbidden for you to keep printers inside a sit room or steal from others)
- Do not get yourself stuck in players.
- You are not allowed to take advantage of on-duty abilities when constructing a base.
- Do not fly into events as it may disrupt the gameplay.
- Do not leave comments on bans / warns, make sure it's simple and professional.
- Do not ask for promotions - apply for one when you meet the requirements.
- You may play about with your commands in the admin area with other consenting staff members, not anyone out of there though.
- You cannot scout bases or take advantage of information you gathered in sits against the players.
- You must gather evidence before issuing a cheating/DDoS/DOX ban - inform Higher Ups before taking any action.
- Please only assign one warning per sit - feel free to give out verbal warnings every once and a while.
- You are not allowed to go on duty while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
- Staff that are not higher than senior admin can not deal with hackers on the server and have to take it to a higher up. We suggest recording and calling one of them online.


How to set-up your account:
     - You will first need to type /admin in-game.
     - You will then need to set the password (follow the instructions).
     - If you happen to expose your password to someone, do not worry. It has no use for them unless they're on your account.

How to go on duty:

     - Every time you connect to the server, do /admin <password> -- or use a bind for it - bind [key] "say /admin [password]"
     - Whenever you go on duty, you must do /admin


All staff members must understand how to use the commands, failing to understand how to use commands will result in a demotion, even if you have no past experience, there is no excuse whatsoever. We will begin with targets which are required on nearly all commands used. You can only execute commands on yourself or people below your rank.


@The player you are currently facing, note that this will work through walls so it must be used carefully.
"player name" - The in-game name of the player. If someone's name is like 'a little rat' you must target them with speech marks or use a a part of their name - for example "rat".

Example of above:
      - !bring tasid
      - !bring "a little rat"
      - !bring rat

Note: Replace [target] with one of what has been discussed in the target section, i.e: [player name] -- do not use the square brackets.

!logs -- Opens the logs.
/s {message} -- Use Staff Chat.
/refund -- Opens a refund menu which allows you to refund players for lost items after dying / getting arrested.
!removeprop -- Remove the prop you're looking at.
!cloak & !uncloak -- This will make you invisible.
!god & !ungod -- This will make you invincible, though it automatically toggles when you go on duty.
!slay [target] -- Force kill a player. This should never be used unless in emergency situations.
!mute & !unmute [target] -- Mute a player from using the chat, there's no timer for this one so make sure to unmute the person later.
!gag & !ungag [target] -- Vocally mute a player from using their microphone, there's no timer for this one as well so make sure to ungag manually.
!goto [target] -- Force your player to go to the targeted player's position.
!bring [target] -- Force the target to teleport to your position. Note if you're using a SteamID you must have a "$" Example: "!bring $STEAM_0:1:56861082"
!return [target] -- Return a target to the position before they were teleported.
!jail & !unjail [target] {time} -- Put your target behind bars.
!xban [target] -- Brings up a menu to ban, much easier to use rather than !ban for newer staff and the main way to ban people if they disconnect using their SteamID.
!ban [target] {time} (reason) -- Suspend a player from the server for a specific amount of time.
!warn [target] (reason) -- Warn a player for breaking the rules. It is advised to give newer players a verbal warning, however, not too often.
!kick [target] (reason) -- Remove a player from the server, forces them to disconnect.
!spectate [target] -- Spectates the player you target, good to watch people if you think they're breaking the rules.


You, as a staff member, must follow the following punishments as they allow banned players to have another chance in the future.

Please note that ban time can be done in minutes, weeks or days. For example: !ban tasid 2w Mass RDM or !ban tasid 1d RTARP
You can also use !xban to ban people. For example, you can do !xban [Name]

Also note that when we use > we do not mean greater than, we use this to show what should be done next if the same rule-break is repeated by the same player(s).

Attempted RDM/RDA -- VERBAL (Warn if done on purpose!)
No intent to RP/Minging -- 5 DAYS BAN
Ignoring Staff -- VERBAL -> WARN + KICK -> 1 DAY BAN
Hand Shocker/Stun Stick Abuse -- VERBAL -> WARN -> MASS/CONTINUOUS ABUSE = 1 DAY BAN
Disrespect -- VERBAL -> WARN -> 1 DAY BAN (Try and defuse the situation, don't motivate it)
Prop/Material/Entity Abuse -- WARN -> WARN -> 5 DAYS BAN
Fading Door Abuse -- WARN
One-way prop abuse (Building Rule 1) -- VERBAL WARN -> WARN -> WARN -> NOT REMOVING = KICK
Lying To Staff -- WARN
Self-Supply -- WARN (Also confiscate the items with no refund)
Racism -- WARN -> 5 DAYS BAN
Not Speaking English -- VERBAL -> KICK -> 1 DAY BAN
Advertising -- VERBAL -> 1 WEEK BAN
LTAP (Leaving To Avoid Punishment) -- 3 DAYS BAN
RTARP (Reconnecting To Avoid RP) -- 1 DAY BAN

DDoS Threats -- 4 WEEKS BAN (Inform Higher Ups to extend)
Doxxing Threats -- 4 WEEKS BAN (Inform Higher Ups to extend)

Alting -- 4 WEEKS BAN (Inform Higher Ups to extend)
Cheating -- 4 WEEKS BAN (Inform Higher Ups to extend)

- Do not mimic any punishments issued by Managers and above - you must follow the punishments listed.
- If something is not mentioned here - it most likely means it's just a warning / verbal warning.
- If you've accidentally banned a rule-breaker for the wrong duration of time, edit it by doing !menu, go to the Bans tab, right click your ban and edit.
- Note that issuing verbals is okay, but don't do it as often. If a player has accidentally done something wrong, consider issuing a verbal. If it was intentional, punish accordingly.
            + In crossfires cases, make sure the shooter had a reason to shoot at all. If no reason is given, consider it as RDM.
            + In miss-click cases, issue a verbal for first times, warn for RDM if repeated.


As a member of staff you obviously want to get promoted after a period of time. To be promoted you need to meet specific requirements; listed below. Remember that just achieving these will not get you promoted, we need to feel like you are ready for the next rank. After submitting your promotion request, the Higher Ups will review it and decide if it should be accepted or not -- your promotion will be announced in the Staff Announcements channel and your ranks will be adjusted on all platforms.


- If you are not accepted for a promotion, it does not mean we dislike you, it just means that we don't feel like you're ready for the next rank.
- If you have just come out of a break, you'll need to wait a week before applying for a promotion. You cannot make a promotion request while on a break.
- If you're applying for a promotion, you will not question Higher Ups about it -- be patient or it'll be denied.
- If you are denied or demoted, you will not cause any issues due to it nor argue about it. This will lead to a ban.

Rankings go as follow: Recruit Operator Moderator Moderator+ > Admin
Higher Ups: Senior-Admin > Manager Community Manager > Owner

 - We feel like you can handle the next rank.
 - You have reached the requirements.
 - if we do not promote you you will not cause drama.

- 2000 Server score
- 35 Forum posts
- 250 sits
- At least Recruit for 5 days

- 5000 Server score
- 70 Forum posts
- 600 sits
- At least Operator for 2 weeks

- 10000 Server score
- 120 Forum posts
- 1000 sits
- At least Moderator for 3 weeks

- 25000 Server score
- 250 Forum posts
- 1500 sits
- At least Moderator+ for 3 weeks

- The Senior Admin rank is manually chosen by Higher-Ups and you must be an Admin or Moderator+ to attain this rank. It is not easy and very rare to get promoted to Senior, don't ask.

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