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 Supreme Leaders

About Supreme Leaders, we are a gang that work together as a team and take over the server as a whole.
Only the special ones who's application stands out will get accepted.
Who started the gang? - Myself (Jacob) and a old member called Porticle.
There will be regular meetings in game which will be announced in-game so being active is key,
to find out what is going on in the gang atm.
There will be gang events that a member of the gang will be selected to make.
That's all for now if you have any other questions regarding the gang PM me on the forums.

How to join? 

If you would like to join the gang follow the template provided:


How old are you:
Do you have a mic?:
Whats your playtime on the server?:
How many warns do you have?:
Why should you accept you into our gang?:

That's all and good luck!


No point of this being open since you dont play hawk anymore and no-one wants to join.

Do I know you?

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