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Economy Reset

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Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)
>> Everyone

What is your main suggestion(provide links if possible)
>> Everyones money gets removed and we all start legit

How would your suggestion improve the server?
>> This would improve the server in multiple ways.

- The richest people not then joining all our flips and most likely winning them, i think this is stupid as no one has got the chance to get to the Leaderboards yet because of this. Some of the richest people on Hawk don't share there money with people, this is annoying as they are never really going down in money so they will stay on the leaderboard.

- We have two guys with 1 bill each, this is very annoying as i see them always joining peoples flips just to gain that money, idk about you guys but it seems like they are greedy. Some people are gonna say i was greedy when i was rich, that wasn't the case as i did weekly events, i even made a mini parkour event, i gave money to people basically everyday if they did ask for a reasonable amount, and so on.

- We need this reset badly, i think this will be a fresh new start on hawk, then we can all start making money the way that everyone should be doing. I Think its just fair for us to get one as there is people with millions but not really doing anything with it other than betting it all away and most likely winning to the people with 1 bill each, aka Hxveyyy and Scooby.

- I Just find it unreal how its not happened yet, we have Hxveyyy at 1.1 Billion, like cmon thats all the hawk money put together at this point jesus, then we have another Scooby at 1.2 Billion, this is more than the economy in Hawk lol all put together. 

Note - I Am not being jealous, i find it ridiculous how This has not happened yet, its so much, more than my old money.


BIG +rep I suggest that we do an economy reset as well to level it out and start fairly

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neutral rep

its kinda risky i guess? we could lose a lot or gain a lot of players.
most ways of getting money has been nerfed, but like you said, 2 people have over a bill and we need to find a way to get that out of the economy
once these nerfs get put into effect, it will be very hard to get to a billion as everyone will be alot poorer and less money will be put into flips.

something needs to be done but i dont think we need to go so far to fully reset it.
if nothing is done the richest will still do flips and aslong as everyone else follows, they will gain even more


Yeah i guess

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We need a economy reset, the amount of money some players have is rediculous


The only people who are going to - rep this is the ones with alot of money hope this happens and they start crying uwu


It would be different if you had a lot of money and somebody turned round to you and said "your money will go due to an economy reset".


+ rep
Amazing idea


Also when you say I join players flips what is the difference there is a 50/50 chance and they are agreeing to flip there money. Which means there is a chance of losing and winning not my fault they make em and join em.


+/- rep
It would be good to change the economy but th people with much money has worked har for it shouldn’t just get taken away from them. But I understand the idea and it is kind of broken that few people stand for almost all the economy. But it still is not right to just remove everyone’s hard earned money.

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