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bail and court cases


who is this suggestion at?
 main gameplay 

what is your main suggestion? 
possible bails and court cases like when someone commits a crime there could be people as lawers or bondsmen who can get people out of jail and lawers cand talk for the defendant on trial for their crime 

how would your suggestion improve the server?
would get more people imvolved and have more rp options



Your in jail for like 3 mins you don't need a bondsman to bail you out


why would u need all of that for 3 mins in jail it well be kinda usless

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Literally no point of this, like lux said your In jail for 3 minutes im sure you can wait that. Also if you want to get out jail quicker you can tell someone to do a pd raid and then unarrest you.
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I love the Bail system, it's always fun and could get money out of the economy

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I like the idea but jail time is only 3 mins so i dont see the point of adding this

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