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Coin flip tax


Hello, economy is shit so every time the coin is flipped, maybe 10-20% should be taken from the winnings so we dont have these billionaires flipping eachother getting richer and increasing the gap between rich and poor.
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+/-rep its a good idea but where does that extra money go and its removing money from poor and the rich


(04-08-2019, 02:00 PM)thor_sm Wrote: +/-rep its a good idea but where does that extra money go and itsĀ  removing money from poor and the rich
It vanishes, money needs to be removed from the economy , and it takes more money from the rich because its a %%%%%%%%
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+/- rep
I think this will indeed really help the economy but I think that way less people will be doing coin flips if there is tax on flips.


This is a very good suggestion to help fix the economy. Good idea~
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+rep 10% tax will help greatly.
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+rep als it is never geding fikst



Tax is such a great idea and it should especially be added to flips.
Flips are one of the most used features on the server and its transmitting millions of dollars every day on the server.
And since the economy is really bad right now, this would be an amazing way of deleting money and getting the economy back to normal
Maybe make it so that the more money is being put into the flip the higher the % of tax but not by a large margin.
Oh yeah, also, add limits to coin flips (e.g. "You have crossed the coinflip money limit. Maximum allowed is [amount of money] ).
And have a solid number so that the tax % would be useful and not just delete a lot of money when its larger flips. Maybe have the limit to 10 mil or something close (higher/lower)
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