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RP Is bad


if u want serious roleplay go on militaryrp or starwarsrp. The staff do their best jobs to help the server be minge free so you can't really fault them Smile
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Hawk is the best server i ever played on.Every staff member is friendly and chill and does everything so the server isnt just ton of MRDM,Prop Block, and so on. If you dont like this server and the hawk community thats fine but why don't you keep it for your self.
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I used to play on hawk a lot, he isn't wrong the server has gone downhill a lot. Over a year ago in summer, over 100 people were playing at one time, now I logged on and there were 7. The economy was broken twice first via bit currency which was removed and everyone's money was taken away, even those he gained nothing from it but just stored money there. When I last played the richest player had around 200 million, now the richest player has 1.8 billion??? And if it's not game-breaking its wallet breaking. I'm sorry but 123 FUCKING POUNDS for a custom job???????? WTF it started at 30!!! All the good stuff is locked behind a paywall. Without irl money, you have no chance in this server.


the custom job has only gone up as players dont like downloading them and stubbo doesnt like doing them anymore.
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To be fair this rule is retarted because it literally breaks the point of the whole base. 15. [Updated] You can't use one way props / prop textures and colors / prop placement to get an advantage.
But the other rules are great they are there because they keep (almost) everybody from just mass rdming the staff is great too but some of the good admins left like Scooby,Jodul and many other in the golden ages there were so many players almost full everytime.


Joduls still here

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