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Some of my suggestions


Just to clarify these are just suggestions the updates are great keep them coming and hawk will be back

First suggestion is go back on the emp changes I like the new emps and all but then i realised it completely fucks trying to build a small base as you just get fucked after 1 emp. This has caused what ill call a big base meta that will form that will pretty much just be huge bases covering the server.

Second suggestion is for weed make the props such as the weed pallets and selling products no freezeable like keep the lights and pots freezable but other things should be. Police cant destroy the illegals and thiefs cant steal it. It removes the no risk of being a weed dealer as right now on the server there is no risk to it

Finally give me back my damn haymaker #HayMakerMeta

Make sure to give your opinion on my suggestions as the more people that do the more likely stuff will be changed


I agree on both on them because EMps are fucking OP but I think they have had a nerf in the updates and yes the suggestion for the weed is a need.
Keep the suggestions coming Hawk!
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I mostly agree with the weed idea, as with any other job you can destroy almost everything such as a opium barrel so if you would be able to do the same to weed pallets it would make it a bit more fair.
I can get both sides with the emp buff but I me personally I would like them to be nerfed as they are too good at this moment.
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I agree on both changes since the emps are to good rn and being able to destroy weed would make it more fair.


I think the same. Both of those suggestions are really good and viable. The EMPs are a wild ride. buff-nerf-nerf. For EMPs just need a reset. They were fine before.
For the frozen weed props, I strongly agree. The first time weed came out and I checked it out it made no sense. It's illegal but you can't get rid of it. So you arrest someone and they don't care. Wait the timer and just go back and finish what they started.

Also, give the HayMaker back to the man.
^^^Completely viable meta btw^^^
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Both already been suggested. And the emp one has already been done. After next update the emps range wil be reduced.
Since emp range increased I have seen soo many death corridors to avoid having fading doors to close to eachother.

Fuck the haymaker

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