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Your RP Name
The God

Are you reporting Staff or Players?*

What are their names?*

What are their SteamIDs?*
Fuck knows not taking the time to find out this fuck-ups steam id lol

What happened?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
Killed him in the pd a few days ago he makes a sit with another admin the other admin talks to the guy who makes the rules and he explains to the other admin that mayor can defend his property he says ok then back to normal, the next day i get pulled for the same thing again i tell the new admin who took me to a sit that panda had the rule explained to him so he brings panda to him and panda contradicts everything that happened the day before and says that the admin was wrong (Snakey bastard) and the mayor isn't allowed to defend his property, cut to the next day i kidnap the mayor and have a kos outside sign on my base then cops show up with a warrant to get in my place and i start killing them defending it and he brings me to a sit and bans me for mass rdm this guys a bit power hungry, rep me if you've had a similar experience with this arse. This 16 year old idiot probably had his dad write his staff application. Also banned me from discord because he didn't like what i had to say.


You were not banned off the discord you are currently restricted for coming on to start beef lol
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What needs to be said gets said.


From what I can read there is a explanation for the PD thing, The Mayer can defend it if hes inside the PD during the raid but cant actively counter.
It was not detailed here if which happened the second time (or even first) but that's the only explanation I can give with the given information.
Also you say "show up with a warrant" and not "raid", were they not actively raiding and just getting ready for a raid then you cant kill them.


I would like to start of by saying that I had nothing to do with whatever happened to you in discord. One of the discord moderation members would've dealt with you in whatever way they thought would be best.

For the Mayor defending PD during a PD raid, perhaps I was wrong, perhaps not. I asked a couple others what they thought & neither of them were certain of what they Mayor was allowed to do during a PD raid. As this happened we will make sure that a rule is made to prevent this from happening again.

I'm assuming you want this to be a ban appeal as well which is why you placed the ban amongst some useless insults. You killed 2 people far before I banned you & attempted to kill a third (amrdm) during a pd raid but all of these people were fairly far outside of PD. I knew it was a mistake so I warned you for RDM x2 and let you go on with your day. Later on Luke & Josh both made a sit about RDM which turned out to be you again. You had a KOS sign that read "KOS outside" - which is invalid. As you killed both those 2 people with an invalid KOS sign there really wasn't any other option than to ban you for mrdm. I had given you a fair chance before after you did "attempt to mrdm" by killing two police & attempting to kill a third earlier on, however, RDMing 2 more for standing outside your base wasn't going to float. Not once did you mention anything about a warrant, all you said was "They were standing outside my base and I have a KOS sign." As the KOS sign was invalid I banned you for 2 weeks. I see this ban as fair as I let you off from the previous attempted mass rdm prior to this situation.

For your next forum post or whatever, maybe have a few less insults - it makes you look a bit... questionable.


They literally had 1 warrant on me which expired they were actively coming into my base repeatedly then they put a new warrant on me so I had 2 and they were outside trying to shoot into my base and get in the whole time then I get banned for mass RDM just because of your personal feelings panda.


This 1 is gone Bea closed
Pls don't Bea Thad ofansive nexst time als I Clos it imadetly if you wane do a warn or ban apeal you can do Thad in the ader playses wher you can do it not in here if you have any questions you can ask my denyde

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