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Aight Imma head out


Well, for some of you may come as a surprise, others have already been told and most won't give a single fuck but I expect that. Lately, I have been becoming less active gradually and it has been a product of overall tiredness with the DarkRP game mode itself. It was around a year and a half ago when I started playing on Hawk after a long time, throughout the journey, I must say I met wonderful people and not-so-wonderful people. Overall, the community is great but it also has some negative parts. However, my departure is not because of this but because of tiredness, business and lack of motivation. (WARNING: Rant incoming)

The server has been pretty dead as of lates and only getting 15-25 average players daily, 30 at most. Out of those players, most times 6 are staff members trying to keep it alive. All of the staff members have some sort of daily sits goal which may circle 20 claims per day. Problem is, we only get around 15 sits requested per hour and lower ranks take them almost instantly, leaving you with only some 4 claims. Don't get me wrong here though, I like seeing new staff members showing dedication and passion for their "job"; but having to grind for 5-6 hours to get a decent amount of sits to also please higher-ups is just unbearable and tedious, or at least for me since I have other games to tend to apart from GMod.

Anyway, rant is officially over. I won't likely be playing much more on the server for the fact that I will be kept busy by studying, social life and other games and I will keep in touch only with some people on the community since I don't know how much I will check Hawk's Discord server. And now for those kind words to people who I will most likely keep in touch with but I need for this to be longer so it does not get marked as post farming and it gets deleted because I certainly need forum posts when I already have almost 800 posts here (it is ordered alphabetically so you can just look up your name like that):
  • Arvid: I wonder what the fuck happened to you. Still, a great guy, would love to see you again someday.
  • BMO: You cool, don't see you much tho.
  • Craigo: Won't stop playing League smh. You got VAC banned and now we can't even play PD2 feelsbadman. Hope you don't die because you forgot how to breathe.
  • Dazo: You had some kids yet were complaining about the ones in Hawk? Does not make a lot of sense but sure, hope all goes well for you and your family.
  • fito: More like fato. Jk cool guy when I met you.
  • Generic Dorange: When we playing For Honor, you bitch? I need to break your ass at that fucking game I swear.
  • Jodul: I really don't know what to say about you. You are nice and cool to talk to, never really got to know you fully.
  • Kai: [REDACTED]
  • Luk3: Kyle-ified. You were kind of nice before that?
  • Lux: Great guy, I never know what to expect from you so can be a bit weird at times. Will miss the staff meetings because of you if I am honest.
  • Matthew: Nice guy, won't make up his mind between the numbers 1 and 2.
  • Panda: Cool gay guy. Nice to hang around with and cool manager overall. Can be a bit fat at times but is working on reducing his fat tissue which will be nice because the Discord server is almost full due to him. Anyway Pander, we'll play CSGO comp when you have Prime, meanwhile, you can suck my ass owo
  • Patrick: Lost touch with you, would love to play osu! or PD2 again with you but you are always busy with the GTA RP thing.
  • Porticle: Cool guy, you disappeared for a long time but still were cool to hang around with.
  • Remora: Great boi, love spending time with you even if our past relation has been a bit strange.
  • Soap-Chan: Hope your marriage with "My name Jeff" goes well.
  • super: Where the fuck I am? Oh, yeah, nice guy, hope you get into the team although it is looking a bit hard since your app is shit. Jk, you can do it, will play shit with you soon.
  • Tasid: Never really got to know you. All I know is you like chicken, hope you eat a lot of that and enjoy life.
  • Tim: You a bick boy, it is fun being with you and you are a nice guy overall. Your messages are a bit confusing tho lol.
  • Warve: Cool dude, would like to know you or something.

Groups of people:
  • BOT Clan: What in the actual f u c k
  • DMT: Cool people, pretty chill, don't do drugs.
  • Milk and Hxveyyy: Ayo, you are both pretty friendly and nice, it is cool knowing you. Love you both, no homo.
  • Stubbo, tyler and Dead: Was nice that you picked up the server. It created some sort of hype which livened it up for some time but it is honestly pretty dead now and I don't blame you for it, I really do not know how to get the community to be as big as before. Was nice getting to know you.

And I really don't know any more people I may have left out due to forgetting. Other people are not in here maybe because I have nothing to say about you/whatever I have to say is not really family-friendly. You may ask in comments regarding that, so just ask "What about me?" and I will tell you some shit that no one really cares about but may feed your ego or something lol.

Anyway, cy'all.
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This is really a big rip. Seen you on a bunch of times but way less before. I remember you when you were just a user aswell. When you were Shadow Charmer. The 1st thing I remember about you is just some random beef with some dude who hated on the whole server but forgot the name of his.
Was nice but if you do remember me it's probably under the name of "CatOnWeirdStuff".
Changed my name recently since I like this one better and it's shorter.
I see by the post that you play osu!
so do I!
If you're down we could play sometimes, hit me up.
Getting off of the subject lets continue!
I completely understand the reason for leaving. It's getting quite boring since there is not really much to do. When you just accomplish everything it gets quite dull and you just lose the will to continue.
It didn't happen to me in Garry's Mod, but it's slowly getting there.
Hope to see you in-game anytime in the future I suppose?
Consider coming back after a break. A break from a game that lasts a solid amount of time usually gets your wish and nostalgia back so you want to play it again.
Similar to Minecraft but just not on that level.
It was nice knowing you even though you don't know me xD
Hope you continue on with a wonderful life and make a great future for yourself.
Best wishes,

-Catyluss (CatOnWeirdStuff)
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Have fun whatever you do it's been great fun having you here. Good luck from here on out.

Is 3 an option?


Really sad to hear you’re leaving hawk but anyways I hope you have a great journey wherever it may take you!
Best wishes!
Eliminate all furries


Cya lost, thanks for doing alot for hawk and my nsme wasnt on there oof. Cya and have fun!
Do I know you?


Damn, your've been here for ages ain't ya, i cant believe your only mod+. Hope to see you again bye!
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cya noob


B.ruh you never even applied for admin noob. ;(SadSadSad

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