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goodbye boys

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im leaving hawk lol

might come on the server occasionaly and if the server comes back to life i may return

one reson i am leving is cuz the server is dead and i made 2 suggestions about it and cattluss made 1 but deadmonster denyed them all saying the 1st one was disrespectful in my opinion that is compleate shit and i wasnt disrespecting anyone and then 2nd one apparently wasnt his failt cuz hes going to uni and i understand that but overall the servers going to shit

its 3 in the morning and cant be asked to type so heres some people good at staffing

Timboy-prob the best admin on hawk helps new staff and nice guy be like him

sweaty-hes quite a lad and is proper kind

joshua orcampo-desereves promotion is fun to play on other servers with

honorable mentions

evil scooby

im bout head out

ps-panda stinkes

im gonna stay active on discord


Sad to see you go hopefully still see you around every now and then, Have fun with what you do Smile


Wish you the best buddy, good luck wherever life takes you, Hope to see you (in jail)




now we can have kids without risking demotion.
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Sad to see you go Sherlock
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God damn Sherlock, you're the last person I expected to leave.
Trust me, the server will resurrect soon. I don't understand why you left. Cause the server is just a bit inactive at the moment. But ok, your decision and I completely respect it.
Wish to see you back soon or at least see you around. Was nice playing and talking to you/w you.
See you soon hopefully!
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