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Unban appeal.


Your RP Name
>> OFB member pair of shoes 

Your SteamID32*
>>https://prnt.sc/prjzhj I don't know

Who banned you?*
>> Luxinare

What is the stated reason?*

Ban Duration?*
>> 2 Weeks

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>>https://prnt.sc/prk0f9 All the evidence there. So rather he assumed without investigating and just banned me, or lied. All the detail you need is there, debunked the logs he gave me himself.


That is only the kill logs. You killed 2 onfront of me and then proceeded to shoot harvey. This means its AMRDM. I then saw the sit for RDM by the other person so I banned you. Either way you should of been banned whether its for AMRDM or MRDM. Can you state why you killed the 2 doges on front of me. In my opinion if i didnt freeze you you would of killed more


Actually I only killed the 2 doges because they were surrounding and chanting round my friend, and they expressed a high degree of discomfort to me over a discord call, so I reacted like that in a panic. I have no idea who Harvey is and did not have any intention to kill him, nor did I try. If you looked at the situation properly, I killed two doges next to another doge and many other civs, and after killing the doges I started going about my day again, I did not shoot "Harvey" and nor did i attempt to kill any other civilians, because if I was going to, I wouldn't have run away from them. I did not attempt to commit mass RDM, nor did I commit Mass RDM, those two were my only targets, and after killing them I retreated away.

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OFB you have only provided kill logs in which you agree to rdming two people. Lux says you proceeded to shoot Harvey which means to me you were attempting to kill Harvey so then lux banned you for MRDM but should be AMRDM but it still doesn't matter since its a two week ban. There Is not enough evidence provided here, do you have anymore?

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I provided what he provided me in response to me questioning my ban, and I know for a fact that these are the only kills anyway, which I'm sure Lux could verify. I didn't attempt to kill Harvey and I still don't know who that is. The situation was, my friend was stood in the road, and two Doges were following them and chanting and were overall making my friend uncomfortable, which made me kill them both in a moment of panic and rage. I did not attempt to kill anybody named Harvey, only the two Doges, and after killing the two Doges, I actually proceeded to run to the fountain with my friend to try to get away from the dogs. And does Lux have any evidence I attempted to kill Harvey? Those kill logs have been fully explained and were the evidence provided to me, which I debunked, therefore It's him that should ideally be providing evidence as I have more due to the fact there is not even any evidence of this Harvey person. I've actually provided more evidence so, it wouldn't make sense to go to somebody that is banned and has no access to logs for further proof.


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