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Wiremod/E2 Access

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Who is this suggestion targeted at? (i.e rank.. jobs..)
>> VIPS? anyone whos gone past the paywall/acrued a massive amount of ingame time

What is your main suggestion? (provide links if possible)
>> whether we could get wiremod (back? I heard that it was removed for being buggy or something?) alongside allowing users access to E2 and most of their functions

How would your suggestion improve the server?
>> Like shrek once said it adds 'layers' to the DarkRP experience, players can have a more enriched experience that requires a good amount of knowledge and brain power.

Wiremod allowing you to;
> Build bootleg shops, security systems, gateway to coding etc. (Allows for a really immersive experience)
E2 (Expression 2) allowing you to;
> Program, test and use custom made gunstores, donation systems, user programmed events, advanced security systems
 (All nessesary E2 functions for these to be possible is another addon which I shall suggest if this appliction gets approved/furtherly looked at)
I have already had feedback from a couple people on the server saying this sounds like a cool idea. And if you need prove i'm not a minge or anything I can show some of my work etc.


-There are easier options
-No one really uses it. Doesn't add anything good for DarkRP server

Overall, -REP. This wouldn't improve the server and would just create problems.
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