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Goodbye boys......

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Goodbye boys im bored of GMOD ill still play sometimes and if the server takes off again ill for sure come back but for now idk what i am gonna do.

WASD- Coolest kid ever good luck in the future its been fun.
Joshua- Enjoy the 61 mil.
Mat- you stink.
Josh- Been fun enjoy hawk.
Tim- sad to see you go before me gonna be sad without you around.
Doggie- spoke more recently than we ever have seem really cool.
Scooby- defiantly rig flips.
Lux- you stink more than mat.
Jodul- Your fat. Hope to still play with you on the odd occasion.
JOJO- Carly ass water > gamer girl bath water.
Robo- Gonna miss you bby.
-God MK2

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1st init

goodbye Sad


I appriciate the money I guess. It was nice knowing you, Good Luck in the future and you always know how to contact me when needed!
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I’m telling wench about Carly


Sad to see you go god
Thanks for your work at hawk and if you need me pm me. Goodbye.
Any problems discord is Scooby28#2000


Sad to see you go mate
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