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Andehh`s warn appeal number 2


Your RP Name

Your SteamID32*

Who warned you?*
>>Joshua ocampo

What is the stated reason?*
>>rdm/failrp https://gyazo.com/54e51e9e1650fb560c4ad4aefb3cba33

Why should we remove the warn?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>>its basically the same as the other one so i will just copy paste it in here

You should remove the warn as it is not a valid one! i got raided and when they came into my base i killed them! and then i get warned for failure to counter i dont know why i should have to counter when im standing inside my base when 1-2 people are raiding me! when i reported another guy for failure to counter when he was inside his base and i raided him he did not get a failure to counter warn! the other staff member said ts not a rule! he then told me to appeal my failure to counter warn! Thank you -Andehh
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This warning was given to you when 2 guys raided you, note that you did not have a KOS and killed them without countering the raid
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Please note i had 2 kos signs! kos inside/raiding and another one when they were near my printer!
Was that a good signature?

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You did not have a KOS Sign, we were totally clear with this and you even said you didn't sadly didn't record as I most often don't record my sits
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If this warn appeal is on about when i was raiding then i tell u. I started a raid and you were outside your base then i go in ur base and then u come through the front door with no advert counter and then you shoot me so i kill u. I dont know where the rdm/failrp comes in since i was raiding you and you can kill me if im raiding you even if u dont have a kos sign saying so. But you still didnt advert counter. Idk if this includes me but both warn appeals say the same thing.
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No no this is another warn i got! but this time i was inside my base when 2 people raided me and i killed them!
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There are two sides of this story so Andehh do you have anymore evidence?

Reason is in discord
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