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Your RP Name

Are you reporting Staff or Players?*

What are their names?*

What are their SteamIDs?*

What happened?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)
>>A swat tried to raid SM Josh and SM Hxveyyy, I didn't want to try raid because 2 Custom Jobs vs me doesn't go well.

Josh and harvey countered and killed the swat so I started/tried to kill josh and harvey, They shot me a lot I was low on health and go to hide round a corner I knew harvey was on a ledge and wouldnt come down probably so I assumed I was safe, Jodul countered and killed,

I asked why he countered and he said he was basing there and on the doors, I check logs and it shows he bought the doors after killing me, He wasn't in the right to counter at the time due to him not owning doors of the base at the time. Then lied when I asked if he was on the doors saying he owned the doors and had printer in the base

Afterwards i go back through and check I didn't miss any screenshots and he said he didn't have the front door only the internal door and a printer down, Although you can see the whole logs for doors under jodul,

He only bought 2 doors after he killed me and printer logs he bought a printer after the killed me so all the claims he made were lies.

[Image: odlJI]

[Image: ev2Wv]

[Image: kweVR]

[Image: 0A5ao]

[Image: l6l0E]

[Image: odlJI]

[Image: 9p8M3]


All the evidence is there imma let stubbo make the final verdict

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