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Ban appeal


Your RP Name
>> FL Founder James

Your SteamID32*
>> Fuck knows

Who banned you?*
>> The manger frogot his name

What is the stated reason?*
>> Minge and some other gay shit have it your way

Ban Duration?*
>> 5 days

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)

>> Because i was giving him shit because his a shit manger. So he deiced he will falsely ban me for minging i've received one warn the whole day that i rightfully broke nlr i haven't mass rdmd or trolled ppl or nlrd after the one incident i had today. Besides being quite toxic towards quite few ppl.

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Do you want me to get everyone involved, the video or the text file that was made after you were banned, or do you want to accept it as it was completely fair judgement.

Please explain to me how your question "Check my base to see if it is fine" is going to result in me inspecting every nook and cranny about it. During inspection, I do not know if you will stand on the ramp that is literally there by default and shoot down on people. I do not know, that you will climb up behind a wall that looks down on people trying to enter for you to put a round in their head. I do not know, that the 3rd thing you made, a platform, which I did not see during the first time around, even if I did, I'd likely put down that it's for storing say, a printer. Especially, with how the entry was designed, it looked quite clear that you'd stand, at ground level, and fight, rather than from a ledge. It is not my issue, that you were too lazy to read through the rules. Mind you, you said you hadn't played in a long time. You know what most people would do if they haven't played in a long time? Read the rules. It's even suggested to you when you join.

Going onto the ban. Why minging? I think that's self explanatory. Your attitude even continued onto this thread. But if you must, I'll post the file with everything stated on it from you. Mass Staff Disrespect? (MSD) Well to say the least you called me and Josh a faggot, and the rest is also in the file. NITRP came from the fact that after I'd deleted your props, I told you the reason why, for shooting from above, you continued to stand there and bitch in chat. Throwing insults at practically everyone who spoke to you or wasn't with you in OOC. Spoiler, this was no one. So, all that, combined with your horrendous act earlier, goes on to NITRP. NITRP, does not come from how many warnings you have. It's from essentially, how you've acted and whether we determine if you're here to actually RP or not. To be honest, when I was on 2 hours prior, you came on and did just complain about the weapons not doing enough damage for you. So thats that. Minge, is not defined on how many warnings you got in a day. That too, is how you're acting toward others.
Oh and the final part, "Have it your way", I warned you to stop going on in OOC and you continued. With a nice little message, mind you.

Here's exactly what we have:

[Manager] [Omega] (OOC) Jodul > If you had any sense by the way, I'd shut it and keep the peace.
[Premium] (OOC) FL Founder James > I won't shut shit faggot lmao

Oh, you wanted that in screenshot format? Sure.
[Image: unknown.png]

And here is your proof for shooting from above.

And to be honest, I don't want to filter down 14kb of "James" as I've called it. Yeah. That text file is 14kb. 1 Character is 1 byte. There are 14,000 bytes in 14kb. And majority of that is just you. I wish I was joking.
[Image: unknown.png]


Whats wrong? didn't know u can't shoot from above lmfao? when my base was like that u checked it and u said it was fine i said some shit to you so what? Wheres the minging? retard


Yeah. Clearly you don't know that. Considering that going again, it was present in 3 different locations.
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In this full appeal if seems like you are being a minge. It seems like you put no effort into this whatsoever

All you were doing was arguing with me and Harvey Jodul supplied clear proof of you shooting from above.

Also you didn’t know you could not shoot from above there is a command calls !rules that is available, as well as this a website link is available for you that can be found here https://hawkservers.co/darkrprules for a direct link to the rules
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Follow the appeal correctly.
Big owner man

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