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Texture fix?


whenever i go on the server everything is purple and black checkers, any way i can download textures for the server?


try !workshop and download all the addons.
if that doesnt work make sure you have the css textures installed
if none of them dont work i dont know how to help you
I can only count to 1


To download the textures do it from here and follow the vid. After this just subscribe to all the addons to hawk by doing !workshop and after all this restart game.
Any problems discord is Scooby28#2000

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In order of simplicity,

Allow custom files from server by going to Options > Other and make sure the long box says `Allow all custom files from server`

If that doesn't work join game and type !workshop subscribe to all and restart game and rejoin.

If that doesn't fix the errors then, download css textures by going to this link https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fdVX4V...2o1Uyy0HzA and putting the unzipped folder into the folder, Program files x86 (Unless your steam is uninstalled somewhere else)

Program files x86 > Steam > Steam apps >Common > Garrys mod > Garrys mod > Addons

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