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Ban Appeal


Joshua Ocampo (STEAM_0:1:483500260)
3 days
I didnt fully understand what the admin wanted from me. I thought that he said : First re-log on the server so you can buy the money printer and give it to this person. But he apparently said : Stay on the server...
I'm really sorry for what I did and I would really appreciate to get unbanned or get my ban shortened because this server is one of few good servers and I don't have much other good servers to play on.


Hello, I understand your issue here. I do belive that this was just an honest mistake and I would not mind if you got unbanned at all. Well next time just make sure you read/listen to what is said correctly


Dont think im ignoring it i forgot all about this but i will deal with it later.


Ik that you might be unbanned soon but just make sure you understand the staff member and if you dont just ask them and im sure they will help.

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