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Erik Biergerstein Staff app

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Do you meet the requirements?* (yes / no - if no, don't apply until you do)

>> Yes

In-Game Name*

>> Erik Biergerstein

Preferred Name

>> Apetor

Date of Birth*

>> 2004/04/30




>> Male


>> Sweden 


>> GMT +2

Total Playtime* (screenshot if possible)

>> 6 days 2 hours

Total Warnings* (screenshot if possible)

>> 2 

Have you been banned before?* (yes / no - if yes, why were you banned and did you learn anything from it?)


Are you active on the website?* (yes / no)

>> yes

What is your Discord Username?*

>> Lethallemming #0732

What is your server exp?* (do t!rank in #bots channel)

>> 14621

Do you have any relatives on the server? (yes / no - if yes, state their usernames)

>> no

Do you know how to use ULX?* (yes / no)

>>yes here are some exampels

!goto (Name) you go to the player

!bring (Name) brings the player to you

!return (Name) 

!xban (Name) brings up a banning menu

!return (Name) Returns the player to their original position

!jail (Name) (Time)

!cloak Makes you invisible to other players

!noclip  Allow me to go through walls, players and fly

!god I can’t take damage

/refund allows me to refund players if someone got rdmd and lost a gun I can refund them

!uncloak makes me visible to other players 

Did you read the Staff Handbook?* (yes / no - if you haven't, you must do so)

>>yes I have and I really enjoyed reading it. I learned a lot. 

How often can you moderate the server?*

>> About 3-5 hours every day more on weekends. 

How long should it take you to deal with a sit?*

>> As long as it takes for me to sort out the situation and make all players understand what they did wrong. 

Describe your personality and hobbies

>> I am a fair guy with a positive attitude. I play tennis 3 days every week and the other time after school I mostly spend playing video games. I love playing CS:GO, Rainbow and of course Garry’s mod. The last month I have almost quit playing other games and spend most of my time watching movies or on Hawk.

Why should we hire you as a Staff Member? what are your objectives?* (minimum 1 paragraph, do not rush this one) 

>> I am friendly and fair and I want to make the server a better place for everyone. I am often online in the evening when there are few or no staff online. My objectives are to make the server more fun to play and I also love helping new people and I will have more possibility to do that if I am staff. I also want to help out the “mingy” players to understand the rules and understand to love hawk and respect the rules, but I also want to keep the server clean from trolls and people who have NITRP. 


Explain the term 'RDM' and give an example of it*

>> RDM = Random death match that is when someone kills another player without a valid reason. Exempel James kills Bob because he doesn’t like Bob.   

Explain the term 'Breaking NLR' and give an example of it*

>> NLR = New life rule. Nlr lasts for 3 minutes or until the raid is finished, up to 8 minutes. Exempel Bob kills James in a raid and than James goes back to his base before the raid is finished. 

Explain the term 'FailRP' and give an example of it*
>> FailRP is when a player does something that isnt a realistic action, Example of this would be if Bob was being mugged by Erik and Bob took his gun out and shot Erik. Same would be if he denied the mug and then killed him.

Explain the term 'Failbase' and give an example of it*

>> Failbase is when someone has build a base that doesn’t follow the rules example James has built a base with no entrance. 

Explain the term 'Trolling' and give an example of it*

>> Trolling is when someone is out to case harm on the server and ruin other players experience. Example James is standing in a doorway so people can’t get through just because he thinks it’s fun. 

There are 4 pending sits on your screen, what do you do?*

>> I will take the most important sit first example MRDM and than take the less important sits ex how do I grow weed. If all the sits are similar I would take the oldest to the newest sit. Let's say I have MRDM, RDM, minging, and how do I make weed?. I would first take the sit for MRDM because I think it is the most urgent sit. I would than take the RDM sit than minging and lastly how do I make weed. If I get 4 sits about RDM I would do the last to the newest.  

John connected to the server for the first time, started a terror and begun killing everyone in sight, what do you do?* 

>> I would !bring John. I would than tell him that he can’t kill everyone during a terror only cps. I would than !jail John 180 seconds and tell him to read the rules. While John is jailed I will bring all players who got killed one by one and refund them using !refund if they lost anything.  If he killed 2 players I would warn him for RDM x2. If he killed 3 players or more it counts as MRDM and I would ban him for 2 weeks. 

Bob is being harassed by a group of players who constantly say he smells and attempt to get him in trouble, what do you do?*

>>I will bring Bob and ask him what happened. I will then bring the players harassing him and tell them to leave Bob alone. I will then spectate them for a while and if they continue to harass Bob I will warn them. 

Katie killed tasid because tasid killed a tramp for attempting to kill him, what do you do?*

>> I would bring Katie, Tasid and the tramp by doing !bring (playername). I would than aks the tramp why he tried to kill Tasid if the tramp doesn’t have a valid reason I would warn the tramp for ARDM and tell the tramp that he can’t randomly kill people. I would than return the tramp using !return (playername) if it is a new player I would jail them 60 seconds first. I would than check logs to see if Katie got hurt by Tasid in the crossfire if not I would explain to her that she can’t randomly kill people and than warn har for RDM. If it is a new player I would also jail her for 60 seconds and tell her to read the rules. I would than ask Tasid if he needs a refund and if he does I would refund him using /refund.
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+ reps
knows ulx
has not been banned
active on discord
- reps
Bob is being harassed by a group of players who constantly say he smells and attempt to get him in trouble, what do you do?
you would try and defuse the situation and if they repeat it you ban them for nitrp
some questions looked rushed
rarely come on the server

overall its a - rep
you just need to become more active and you have been mingy
good luck just make sure you read the staff handbook again
I can only count to 1


I see you come on once in a few years, You minge alot in discord, So for those reason its a -rep. If you did become more active and not be so mingey in the discord your staff app looks a little un detailed (i think thats a word)

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I know I have not been active latley but if I get staff I promise I will be active every day. If I am not active you can always demote me.


As Matt said very mingy so from me thats a -Rep you have always been mingy
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