Hawk Servers

its time to say bye


well goodbye i guess i had fun on hawk whilst it lasted. i don't even know what to say tbh.

doggie - fun person to play with. make sure you music annoys your neighbours 
scooby - make sure you get global on csgo 
lux - make sure you actually mentor people and not go on other games
jodul - nice person. stop sweating call of duty
stubbo - good owner. good luck with hawk 
matthew - you need the mentor role 

i dont know what else i should add. thanks for making my time as staff fun.
good bye.
mod on hawk servers

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Bruh you are mentored up until operator which i did.  I told you you coul dpm me but you didnt message me once anyway

goodluck with whatever you do and you wont get alumni as you left on bad terms


oof cya Sad have fun


Pleb .
Had to add that dot so I could send the message
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