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Ban appeal

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Posting on behalf of drawshot due to him forgetting steam login

Your RP Name >>CSD Drawshot

Your SteamID32* >>STEAM_0:0:79372338

Who banned you?* >>Matthew

What is the stated reason?* >>MRDM | Deathmatching

Ban Duration?* >>2w

Why should you be unbanned?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence) >>I'M SO SORRY!!!! I really love the server and I play on it every day and to be banned for 2 weeks really isn't what I'm going for. I was in a discord call with peekaboo and a few others in CSD and we were just messing around and playing with each other. I had absolutely no intent to mass RDM. I also just got omega and I was REALLY excited to play every day with my friends but now I cant. I'm really sorry about all of the chaos and havoc I caused. And I understand if you want me to wait the full weeks. Ill be sure to focus on the warnings I received, and the rules of the server.


I understand you wouldn't intend to MRDM but I gave two previous warnings in OOC after you continuously re spawned and killed your clan mates and others around you that you crossfired with the RPG, Even if you didn't see them then you should know the rules especially after you purchasing omega.

However, I am happy for the ban to be reduced to 5days since the majority of the servers players are in your clan and they are leaving the server until your unbanned, This is only if a higher up agrees with the decision.

If this decision is accepted or denied either way take this as a lesson to read the rules especially after donating to the server.


Accepted. You are lucky you are being unabnned.

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