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Your RP Name
>> SM Actimilk

Are you reporting Staff or Players?*
>> Staff

What are their names?*
>> ! Matthew

What are their SteamIDs?*
>> STEAM_0:0:202755901

What happened?* (give us as much detail as possible, including evidence)

A staff member went on duty, and cloaked. After approximatly 40 seconds, they uncloaked to reveal themselves inside of my base.

There are some problems with this, firstly, no sit was ever called, therefore he didn't have a reason to be on duty, let alone cloaked. 
Secondly my base was looked at using staff powers without permission, the member of staff could have atleast asked me, or told me my base seemed like a failbase and that they wanted to have a closer look.
See here: https://streamable.com/v99bt

If he was concerned that my base was a failbase, he would have called a sit about it, giving that there were 3 other staff members online:
  • Doggie
  • WASD
  • Lazxi
I believe that due to the avalibility of these other staff members, they should've called a sit, instead of taking matters into their own hands.

See here: https://hawkservers.co/thread-8947.html

- You cannot take your own sits, if there are no other staff members online, report a player in the Report A Player forum, exception for mass rdm/propblock just take screenshots and keep them safe so you can prove if its debated.

I wasn't aware that staff could cloak and no-clip into bases, without sits being called, to check if they are failbases, and instead believe that this is a term described as scouting.

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I had just came online after a staff had pmed me dayung about a failbase. With your past mingeyness i can see why they didnt want to have to deal with it.

I came online cloaked and had a flew around the base with the keypad checker and determined the base to be a fail base being a 1/3 guess to get into the base. Since our lkng convo in staff room and you changjng the base color coded and labled with text screens i sed no issue with it now.

I spoke to jodul afterwards and he told me usually i should get a sit for it but i was onformed by another staff about the base so i just came on to deal with it.

Your term called scouting would be if I went inside to know your base design with intentions of raiding you or providing infomation to someone else etc.

John Warnock
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The other staff member could've only been
I know it wasn't Doggie since he was in the base with me.

So let me paint a clear picture.
You clan members had failed to raid us, at
then 15 minutes later a clan member messaged you to look at a base and for all I know, you were in a private call with them screen sharing

You should've have acted without a sit and this is clear abuse of staff abilities.
I believe that ! Clan are taking advantage of staff and should therefore be restricted

Let me reword your question to Jodul, if a clan member asks me to check out a base, 15 minutes after raiding it, am I allowed to cloak before asking the base owner and have a look at it?

By my term of scouting, a CLAN member called you to look at a base in pms, and you did it...

If you're allowed to do this, then any staff member can take advantage of this, I could be in a clan with Scooby for example, with us both as staff members, and he asks me to check out this base to see if it's a failbase in pms, even though there's other staff on.

If this isn't scouting, what is scouting? Your literally looking at someone's base cloaked and without them knowing after a clan member called you to

Matthew you've done this before and was warned not to do it again

You did the exact same thing, your mate staff member clan member whatever, told you to look at a base, you cloaked and did so, however last time the base owner was a staff member and physics gunned you away.


You were told that what you did was unacceptable, but yet you've just done it again..

"to avoid checking on stuff on-duty for your mates in your call."

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Its a shame you feel we should be restricted as it isnt your decision to make, i came onlie after being informed of the base by another staff who understandably wouldnt want to deal with you and your base.

Is wasd or laz made a sit then i cant take it anyway, i had a screenshot of the base and saw its multiple entrances giving it a 1/3 chance to know what the entrance is.

I checked the base due to it being fail by a screenshot i saw not because i was in a call. I was out of the call while i came kn and shortly after joined staff vc with Laz.

Kai OVER 8 months ago had said about not doing sits because someone in a call told you to and this was totally different anyway. I had seen screenshots and wasnt influenced by anyone in a call. And decided to come on based on the screenshot i had seen.

A clan member didnt ask me to check out the base either. i had seen a screenshot, saw multiple entrances and thats not allowed so I came on.

Also going to add that i had no idea about them raiding you either
John Warnock
John Warnock, CEO
Tel: 0800 389 2041 E: [email protected]
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"I had just came online after a staff had pmed me dayung about a failbase."

Did you see a screenshot like you just said, or were you messaged by a clanmate staff member like you said originally?

It doesn't matter if you were influenced by your clan mates in a call anyway, I cant prove what you did in a private clan call, could have been screensharing, or not even in the call.

What I'm saying is, you look very bad as a staff member, your clan failed to raid a base, and you came online 15 minutes later, and cloaked to look inside the base. From my knowledge you're not allowed to do that on request of clan mates but instead a sit needs to be called

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I dont see how it makes me look bad, i was unaware of the raid and came on after i had been messaged by staff and saw the screenshots of the base.

I went on duty to see the base after seeing in the screenshot that another staff messaged me there looked to be 3 fading entranced to the base.

I have not much more to say I've said my side of the story and jodul has told me ideally that next time I should get a sit for it which I will do next time.
John Warnock
John Warnock, CEO
Tel: 0800 389 2041 E: [email protected]
345 Park Avenue
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