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In my opinion the rule for countering is very unfair as higher up players for example TIER 1-3 Suits or custom jobs are way to OP for free to play players, this meaning if 1 person with a tank suit could easily kill atleast 5 free to plays basing. i think we should release weapons that a lot more powerful or allow other players from clans to be able to counter free to plays bases for example a ! clan member counter a SM member who is raiding the free to play. if the rule was released it would be a great privilege for everyone and a bubble of safety for the free to plays.

Free to plays are forced to buy perma suits which are hard to earn due to defending bases and the money printer or other jobs.

Free to plays need to have a little buff and if they dont a rule should be enforced.


I would think that you got gang banged by the awesome SM clan. Am I correct?


(04-02-2020, 09:39 PM)Nick Ghurr Wrote: I would think that you gnot gang banged by the awesome SM clan. Am I correcno 
no, i just feel like if i could counter for the free to plays they would have a bigger chance to stand up to people like the SM clan as they are to powerful compared to free to plays

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