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(11-02-2020, 08:00 PM)|ISF| - OhSweetMurder Wrote: Hairy,Lewis This is not how we do things in ISF

Josh has not Spam Raided us, He raided us Twice he is just Strong same for Laxi, No need for Anger and Hatred.

Werewolf is a diffrent Story, he has been Raiding us since ISF Started playing on this server Following us to our new location with Grave041 as was Talked about in his Staff application we were overheard discussing what we need to do as he was harrassing us (Grave041)

Raiding is a part of DarkRP we understand that, But we as New players need to wait till we are the only ones on the server to get anything done as we are being targeted (maybe not on purpose)

we Mean no harm and we are not here to make enemies, We just want to be able to play on this Server, Because This is ruining it for everyone as Fighting about this is Pointless

i dont care about Proof Nor this Report, ISF is just Trying to make Money Thats it.

- OhSweetMurder {ISF Owner}
I wasn't on at the time but was on yesterday when I watched you guys being harassed and overheard graves conversation saying he intended to annoy your clan after I gave you guys your base doors back as a result he got a -rep from me on his staff application for that, Ive told them all to just not raid its much easier and helps you guys out too, obviously although as you said it is darkrp and everyones allowed to raid. following the cool down rules ovcourse
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