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Laundromat Owner (Recreation)



Found my custom job to be missing from the server and was suggested to ask to have it remade (within new rules):

Job Name
>>Laundromat Owner

Job Color (Preferably in RGB format)
>>Orange - rgb(255,165,0)

Job ModelĀ (Must give a link or model directory)
>>models/player/Group01/male_07.mdl (Standard citizen model, please keep it the EXACT same coloured shirt etc. as normal citizens)

Job Weapons (5 weapons max)
>>HK USP, USAS, AN-94, FG 42 and Dragunov SVU

Please do not forget that this job is a Hitman job, so please set it accordingly and don't forget to add the Hitman knife and tools to the arsenal.

Thanks in advance.

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