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i'm leaving as the server is not active :(


 I’m sorry to say I’m am leaving hawk staff team as the server is dead. I hope when the player count goes up, I will apply to become staff once again.
Thanks for the time and support when I became staff and the hawk’s community is so supportive but for the time being, I will step out of the spotlight.
Thanks doggie, for coming on with me and vibing most of the time.
Thanks to Jude as you have put your trust in me, and I can’t believe I became staff LOL.
Thanks to all the other staff who have made my time on hawk amazing and I loved being staff while it lasted.
I definitely will still be active and I will play games with the staff LOL


Its very sad to see you leave the team, i hope you the best and that we keep in touch,it was nice talking and playing with you all this time on the server

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